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iCARE-2 Program

iCARE-2 is an international fellowship program co-funded by the AIRC Foundation for cancer research (AIRC) and the European Union, under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2017, grant agreement No 800924.

iCARE-2 is intended to promote the mobility to and from Italy of experienced scientists working in the field of cancer research.

With iCARE-2 funding scheme AIRC reinforces its commitment to reach the European Commission’s objective of creating an open and attractive labour market for researchers worldwide, favouring the mobility and recruitment of high quality scientists.

iCARE-2 offers different types of 3-year fellowships:

  • Outgoing Fellowships, for researchers of any nationality who have worked in Italy for more than three years, interested in a research experience in a scientific institution located in a country other than Italy.
  • Incoming Fellowships, for non-Italian scientists interested in a research experience in a scientific institution in Italy.
  • Reintegration Fellowships, for Italian researchers who have worked in a country other than Italy for at least two out of the last three years, and who wish to return and work in a research center in Italy.

The excellence of the research program:

  • iCARE-2 has a bottom-up approach: candidates are free to choose the destination (country, research institution and supervisor) and the topic of their research, as long as it is focused on cancer.
  • The selection of fellows is carried out with an internationally acknowledged, fair and transparent peer review process. Applications are judged on the basis of their relevance for cancer, the quality of the Hosting Institution and training, the curriculum vitae of the candidate and the scientific merit of the research project.
  • A strong policy to promote research ethics and research integrity throughout all the phases of the program.
  • A continuous interactions of AIRC with iCARE-2 fellows and their Hosting Institutions during the duration of the fellowship, to timely identify and solve potential problems arising during the fellowships, thus improving the quality and the impact of iCARE-2 training and research outcomes.


Awardees are offered optimal working conditions with employment contracts that include all social security coverage and benefits.
The 3-year fellowships awards are supplemented with a travel allowance, to cover expenses for relocating.
Hosting Institutions receive a Research/Dissemination cost contribution, to be used for scholarly open access fees and other research expenses, and a training cost contribution, to cover costs associated with the participation of the fellows to international meetings or to training events.

How to apply

Within iCARE-2 program two calls have been launched in 2018 and 2019. No further calls for proposals will be published.

About AIRC

Founded in 1965, AIRC is a leading charity in Italy, providing at least 40% of all research funds invested in cancer research in Italy.

Our mission is:

  • to support research on cancer through individual and collaborative research grants targeting researchers at different stages of their careers;
  • to complete the training of young researchers in Italy and abroad with fellowship awards;
  • to educate the public and raise awareness of the progress in cancer research.

Funds are raised through national or local outreach campaigns, and are received in the form of membership fees and/or donations from individuals as well as from public and private organizations. Grants and fellowships are awarded after a merit-based selection process.

For more information please visit the AIRC website

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